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One-size cloth diaper Gaia Bebe is designed with two closure systems, velcro or snaps long-term quality to fit perfectly to the needs of each baby. They are comfortable and easy to use.

Gaia Bebe One Size Cloth Diaper is designed to grow with your baby, with 4 adjustable rise settings; newborn, small, medium and large. Weight range of cover starts at 6 pounds and will fit up to approximately 35+ pounds.

•          Water resistant and breathable


•          The outer fabric is waterproof and it does not let the liquid out, keeping the baby’s clothes from getting wet. It's so light that allows respiration of the skin and dries quickly.


•          The internal microfiber cloth diaper absorbs the liquids into the deeper layers of the diaper so baby's skin remains dry.


•          Adjustable elastic legs that help keep liquids and solids inside the diaper, allowing the baby and his/her surroundings to remain dry all the time.


•          Double inner gussets to prevent side leaking


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